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Let’s play for some Cryto!

Game for Fun, Earn for Real by Play, the only blockchain gaming platform. Play is a platform, where users will be able to determine their own rules, create, and own their own games. Blockchain technology provides a new way

What are the highest earning ‘play to earn’ NFT games


Congrats on the launch of your newest game!

Giprwg says :
Thank you for choosing to play the Investment in Crypto game on Metaverse Revolution. Your earnings will be processed on the company’s website, with payout in minute.

If your account looks identical to the ones below, it means that your account has been created and you can start playing now. Our team thank you for submitting an application to the game and wish you the best of luck!

Ygusjq says :
Your account has been verified and settings have been configured. You can start earning NFTs on that Play To Earn platform right away!

We’re excited to see you try out the new games on our site! Follow the link to give it a try.

WOW! You’ve bought Art Without Gas Fees or Other Fees in a snap! We’re happy to have you on our team. We’re a new marketplace which removes all fees and creates the most convenient NFT market experience yet. Stay tuned for more updates and happy trading!

You’ve just started a journey of your own. Let’s create a life of fun and profit! We can’t wait to see you participate in the life of gaming, collectibles and long-term earnings.

You have made an investment! The new game you just discovered shows up in your feed. It includes an email to confirm the amount of your investment.

Congratulations! Your payment for the $100 million has been confirmed, and you’ll be receiving a $100.000 Play game reward from us. Make sure to keep following us on our Twitter and Facebook for more ways to earn more games.

Your account has been successfully registered. To access your list of NFT games and start playing, navigate to the left toolbar on the page and click on the “Sign in” button.

Your offer to be a new user is always welcome! We hope to help provide you with some really fun and engaging games. Here’s an introduction to the site, everything you need to know is in the welcome package. We’re here to help you get started on earning.

Thank you for signing up for the upcoming Play-To-Earn! Would you like to know more about the Metaverse Ape Organization? Visit the community website and get engaged!

Thank you for the order. You should receive the instructions to access your game on your email in the PRIVATE INBOX. Remember that the game is only yours once you prove that you’re worthy of it and play it enough to reach level 10.

Congratulations on being one of the first to play to earn your free NFT Metaverse game. We hope you’re having fun. If you’re looking for more NFT games, please visit our Crypto Games site.

Thank you for your interest in owning and selling Mint’s art in our marketplace. Mint is the simplest way to buy and sell NFT art without any commissions. We hope you love Mint.

Your profile has been added to our database. You’re free to start earning virtual assets for free. Just click on the “Earning Assets” link within the “Personas & Scoreboards” tab of your profile.

Your account has been confirmed for Play Games. You’re about to start taking tons of awesome challenges, earning free prizes and racking up points for your next big purchase. Your account is confirmed for $100 credit. For any concerns, please write to us at

Thank you for your interest in Revolve Games. There has been a lot of buzz about our project and we’re thrilled to see the global support. Our platform is being built on the Ethereum blockchain so that our NFT token, the VOG, can be securely sent and received with our gaming community. We will continue to provide assurance in our approach as we push our game to global gaming audiences.

Thank you for participating in our Beta Test on Binance. Join us now as the game officially launches on July 27th!



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