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Lose to win. Learn about crypto games and earn crypto.

How crypto and NFTs enable play-to-earn model in blockchain


Your Crypto Play ticket has been successfully purchased. You’ll need to log into the event’s platform to see the event’s schedule and make sure you’ve selected the correct amount of NFT you need to claim. Good luck, and see you there!

We’re excited to see you on the site! Have fun playing your games and earning some crypto. Follow the link below to access the games, or click the “Play Now” button on the site.

Thanks for your email. Our gaming experts are currently hard at work on a list of exciting new games to collect your NFTs or crypto from!

Your game is ready and waiting for you. You can now start playing and start earning!

Great work with the Metaverse game! Time to move to the next level with the Play. Every Saturday starting today, log in on Discord to claim a Bonus Game.

Thank you for joining our Crypto Play with NFT. Your tickets will be transferred to the Play booth. We’ll have you by the end of the day.

Hello, your order number is 46100560474. Your order is confirmed. Your account is confirmed. You can now start playing and earn on your links:

Metaverse has been sold out! Sorry to see you go. If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you for choosing GamersFirst as your preferred crypto-currency trading platform. As a bonus, you’ll automatically be entered to win a copy of the latest gameplay release! We hope you enjoy our service and we’re glad you decided to stop by.

Thank you for installing the app and learning more about us. Your first reward is now waiting in your wallet.

Your Crypto Play ticket is on its way. Your purchase supports the work of the IMRT Foundation and will be delivered electronically.

The Play to Earn Game Festival powered by Play Games is the second edition of the first original business-to-consumer event in the metaverse. Be among the first to get your hands on the new Play games created through the special TGE event which will take place on January 22nd, 2019.

We will get to know you and teach you how to earn like a pro. Our quick quiz is all it takes. Right now you can get a $1 in your account!

We’ve got your game! Please give this email to your kids. They’ll earn a little cash from home.

Your stake has been successfully sent. Keep playing for all the rewards and get in on the ground floor now!

Your PLAY has been SET! The game is now live with its featured gameplay and strategy section. Check it out here:

Welcome to Town Star! Your account has been successfully created. Before you can start trading, you’ll need to purchase a Node so Town Star can be the one true place to get your fix. Buying Nodes and collecting daily Play is easy. Just visit the main market Nodes Tab and buy a Node, then send it to your inventory.

Thanks for choosing Play-to-earn. We look forward to having you as a member of our community. Once you complete your first deposit, you will be locked in at these rates or higher. Our best-in-class customer service is always available to help you. Please send an email to and we’ll get in touch with you.

A mind-blowing, addicting player game, with an intuitive trading system for real time crypto-currency, based on forecasts about the future performance of crypto-currency. Talk about making money!

Our goal for this YouTube Channel is to entertain you and to share with you amazing games that don’t cost money. With all of our games, you get to have fun and earn cryptocurrency too! We have the next big hit on our hands, but with a twist: no buying games, no investing – just play and pour crypto into the coin bucket.

Wow! Your email is really entertaining to read. We love sports and we love crypto as well! Receive alerts when crypto games you love are going on sale. You’ll know when the crypto scores are being scored. Don’t worry, other users will link the game alert to you.

Thanks for playing your favorite games on blockchain games. You are now ready to start earning your crypto and NFTs. To get started, head over to your token dashboard, click “Get Started Now!”, and follow the instructions we provide for your account. With these tokens you have their respective blockchain and game account.

Your account at has been successfully activated and is now pending review by the staff. If you need further assistance, please email, we’re here to help.

We had one of our rare opportunities to secure a large bank of Unicorn permits—400,000. A few hours later, the transaction went through, and the tokens were transferred out of our system into the player’s hands. #worthit

Play-to-earn is the easiest way to approach the world of crypto. Check out our top selected play-to-earn games and find out more how to earn with crypto. If you’re looking for more games or want to contact us, please click on the link below.

Every day, we release videos about strategy, predicting trends, and more! Check out our new game, Bot2Barter, which emulates the business world and lets you trade with live players.



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