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Play-to-earn game Axie Infinity is super popular

The future of gaming will have its roots of play-to-earn games.


Welcome to the world of crypto gaming. We are pleased to have you on the Play platform. Here are the details you need to know about your active games:

Welcome to! To earn, please log in and start playing today. Click on the ‘Earn Games2Win Stars’ link in the footer on the right. We’ll take it from there.

Hey, you might be interested in seeing our top 10 Best NFT Games To Play & Earn CryptoCurrency In 2021. Would you like to check it out more?

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That’s it, you’re on our list! As always, we’d love to chat with you. Hit reply and send us your gaming honest or simply shoot us an email at

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Thanks for your interest in our Play NFT earning games! We’re excited to offer a treasure trove of free, fun, and easy to understand games to earn you points and convert them to valuable crypto. Our team is ready to help you start earning more money on our platform, just let us know what you need.

Welcome to PlayToEarn! Thank you for signing up. You now have access to our ICO ratings and to the latest game listings. Let us know if we can be of any assistance. Stay tuned for more updates from us!

Thank you for your interest in our Play-to-Earn Model. We hope you enjoy your tutorial with [START HERE].

In short, Play2Earn is just a gaming platform which offers gamers the chance to earn money in exchange for watching ads on their games. The games that are enabled with P2E would need to be backed and supported by real companies, who would be willing to back the games and provide other profits for the company. We don’t have any game that have been enabled with the platform, because we

Your Crypto Game is now available to view and play! Follow the “VERBS” and “LOCUTIONS” instructions to play and earn coins and ownership over digital assets.

We’re your portal to the NFT GmbH gaming metaverse! Your purchase of a coin for the NFT Collectibles platform provides you with access to gaming items and digital assets from creators. You have 12 months from the purchase date to earn your Play tokens by purchasing a Play-to-Earn coin or supporting the community and influence development of the gaming metaverse.

Congratulations, you’re now a subscriber to Play-to-Earn Magazine! We’ll send you an alert when each new issue is released. Don’t forget to tell your friends and stay updated!

Hello, thank you for purchasing a Play NFT at the Ethereum Foundation-sponsored NFT Collectibles, Gaming Metaverse event in NY on November 3. We hope to see you again soon on the NFT Collectibles platform to earn valuable GAS.

Thank you for investing in the best crypto gaming. You’re all set up on these top 10 games, we hope you have a great time while you earn crypto and these NFT collectibles.

Play to Earn is a form of “blockchain gaming” where you earn cryptocurrency instead of purchasing it with real money. The membership is currently limited to the US and Canada, but it will be available globally in the near future. Currently, you can earn three different types of currencies: Terra, BTC, and IGNIS for either playing games or supporting them (you earn more if you make a purchase

Thank you for joining the Play Family. Welcome to our amazing new community! What to expect: you will immediately receive 40,000 points upon joining. You will also receive an email with all your personal information as well as your username and a list of games on our platform where you can earn points!

Would you like to join the community, “A NFT Community Aiming to Shape the Play-To-Earn Space in the East, a.k.a Metaverse Ape Organization?”

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to play the game and check your rewards. Below we’ve listed 4 ways to earn! Stay tuned and check back for more updates and additional chances to earn. Thanks again for playing and we hope you enjoy the game!

Congratulations, you have joined the Play-to-Earn revolution! The Play-to-Earn revolution is changing the way video games are created and distributed by adding blockchain-based rewards to the game. To start earning now, all you need to do is play the game.

Your Crypto Play to Earn NFT Metaverse Revolution has been confirmed! You can find all your information about this event in their dashboard.

Hello! We have an exciting announcement for you. Just to recap, you can play Games & Earn Crypto by having fun and ending up winning real crypto! It’s the ultimate experience in sponsored gaming. With 250+ tournaments running all the time and a leaderboard here:

Your invitation to the Play to Earn Revolution is on its way, please check your inbox.

Thank you for your interest in Play2Earn! You can find more information about the product, its features, and availability here: If you’d like to receive updates on the future of Play2Earn, please subscribe to our email list at

We hope you’ve found a potential winner in the NEW METAVERSE NFT GAME! Scroll down to see all 4 ways to play, and ways to earn PIXIES. The more you play, the faster you’ll earn! Have a day filled with options!

We’re excited to announce a new opportunity to earn a living playing a new digital NFT game. It’s a unique opportunity to earn up to $300,000 off your investments. Send your UNIQUE information for the game to earn.

Hi, we’re excited to help you start with Play-to-earn and learn how to earn with play2earn.

We’re excited for you to join the Play to Earn revolution! We’re currently in beta, so if you’re interested in joining, just fill the form below.

Amy Dehn says :
You have dug out a cryptokitty on Please play more games on to earn some crypto.

5 High-Quality NFT Games To Make You $$$

Axie Infinity is the most popular Play-to-earn game currently, featuring a model where users can make real money by earning tokens, creating NFTs


Thank you for joining the Play to Earn revolution. Once processed, the team will send you an email with your confirmation.

Thank you for signing up to get free crypto with your gaming activity. To start receiving your free crypto, simply join the community and start playing. We also have a risk free trial for new members.

You’ve made a huge step towards a brighter future! We all know how tough it is to start a business today. It will be a lot easier with our mentorship, advice, and support. Welcome to the Play to Earn Revolution!

Play-to-Earn (Play 2 Earn) is a free to play game available on So, to start with Play-to-Earn, you’ll need to download the game to your computer. Once it’s installed, go over to the game client and click on the button that says “Play Now”. Once inside, press the green arrow that says

We’re excited to announce a new opportunity to earn a living playing a new digital NFT game. It’s a unique opportunity to earn up to $300,000 off your investments. Send your UNIQUE information for the game to earn.

Glad to have you on board! Thank you for joining our revolution. We’re glad to have you on board with the Play to Earn Revolution & earn dividends in any currency on the Smart Chain.

Congratulations on the launch of the first referral Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT game!

Thank you for joining the Play to Earn Revolution. To access your wallet, please visit Login with the email address you provided below. If you are not yet verified, your login will not be activated until you do. Organizers will be contacted by the revolution leader to go over our respective roles.

Thank you for your interest in Play-to-earn. Play-to-earn is a blockchain gaming based reward platform where gamers earn by playing games on their mobile device and earn rewards just for playing games. Our mission at Play2Earn is to connect the world through games. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our latest updates and mobile apps.

Thank you for your interest in the Play to Earn Revolution. We are so excited to have you onboard!

Hey gamer! Making the move from traditional video games to crypto playing games with rewards has never been more easy. Our site has been created to allow you to play games on any device, receive real rewards for your wins & trading your points for refreshing refreshing new cryptos as they’re released on the market. Go ahead & download on the link below, start earning your free cryptocurrency right now on the ultimate

You have been accepted into our Play to Earn Revolution. We have been working tirelessly to deliver the world’s first ever global Dividend reward system. We’re excited to have you on board and can’t wait for this journey to kick off.

Hjziiwu says :
We’re happy to let you know that you are now among the first to use the MTR token. The games are now available 1 day ago. What’s next for Metaverse Revolution? Find out with the latest news from MTR Club!

Thanks for subscribing to Play to Earn Online. The subscription manager will be sending you updates about your subscription so you can stay informed.

Thank you for your interest in the Play to Earn Revolution. You can now join the game. If you want to take part in the game, you should look at the following steps:

We’re grateful for your interest in Play2earn. We hope you like what we’re building here. If you’re interested in learning more about Play2Earn, be sure to check out our new website. It’s the perfect place to learn all of the latest news and updates about our upcoming and current partnerships and new features!

Thank you for signing up to Play2Earn’s offer to learn about blockchain gaming! Here’s what you need to know about the offer: a. You can receive a sign up bonus for signing up and a one-time bonus for referring others.

Thank you for your support. Your phase in the Play to Earn Revolution has already begun. You can view your current workload in My Play to Earn dashboard. If you have any further questions, please contact us at the email in the signature, or hit reply to this email.

Congratulations on becoming a member of the Play-to-Earn community. Your log in instructions are below, please enter these instructions to proceed. You’ll have the ability to earn more points by playing games with others on the platform.

Your order is confirmed. You may now login or play with your new token. If you have any questions, e-mail us at

Thank you for joining the Play to Earn Revolution by Smart Chain. We hope you had a nice view from your time as a free member. Our token sale is starting soon, keep your eye on our email updates.

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Thank you for becoming part of our Play-to-earn community! We look forward to seeing you soon on!

Thank you for joining the game of life! From now on, you will be earning Play Tokens! Your coins will be credited to your account within 45 minutes or less. To start earning your coins, just join the game and let it work for you.

Thank you for registering on the world’s first gaming rewards platform for gamers. You can download and play free games, to earn points and convert them to valuable crypto coins.

Our team is pleased to announce a breakthrough at Metaverse Revolution. The Crypto Play to Earn NFT promotion allows up to 150M tokens to be given away! As one of the first who joins, you’ll get 72M out of the 150M. So be the winner and create your account for 72M NFTs. You’ll be part of history.

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Thank you for signing up with We’re excited to have you! Play2earn lets you earn tokens by playing games with the same principles of the blockchain. You can redeem these tokens to unlock in-game items, new perks, and use them to purchase anything in the game with the virtual currency of the platform. To start, just click “Start” to

Thank you for joining our crypto gaming platform! Your 2 hours of free games was just a taste of what is in store for your with us given your recent purchase. To get the most out of the games, we suggest you reset your password.

Thank you for joining the Play to Earn Revolution and joining the Smart Chain โ€“ the most rewarding, innovative and decentralized blockchain. Now that we’ve agreed on terms and form, we’ll send your Smart Chain details and wallet address to your email.

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Thank you for choosing to start your crypto journey with the world’s leading gaming platform, EVE Online!

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Thank you for your interest in play-to-earn. Our team is happy to introduce you to this new platform. Play-to-Earn is a brand new way to receive payments for your content through cryptocept. Content creators are able to be seen by the masses while receiving payments for their productions without any hassle. This is not your typical concept in the content management industry.

This email confirms your sign up to get free crypto on the gaming rewards platform through your playtime. We are excited to have you on our team!

Congratulations! You have successfully signed up for Crypto Play to Earn NFT Metaverse Revolution. Your participation will be featured in the newsletter. Please make sure to check your email inbox for your welcome gift.

Play a Free to Play & Play to Earn Match 3 Game

Before: Websites that help people win free games and earn real money are too complicated.After: With play to earn, a few games are all it takes to get started.


Thanks for making the switch to Play to Earn. Your account has been successfully migrated to GameFi. You are now able to purchase NFTs, stream games, and use our loyalty program.

Your purchase of five NFT on the Play-to-earn model is now complete. Please email us at to receive your crypto details.

Thank you for your confirmation. You will now have exclusive access to learn about the event in the coming weeks, as well as purchase tickets and promo codes. Unique in the metaverse, the Play to Earn Game Festival will be a live mentorship event for developers and game designers.

We are excited to announce the first-ever Play to Get NFT, a celebration of blockchain games and cultural convergence. Your personal invitation to this event is in your email inbox.

You completed the first step by signing up with our referral code to play. This is your confirmation that you will earn crypto from playing games, so start playing and earn now!

Your article “5 Best NFT Games To Make You $$$” published on Thanks for helping us share the amazing world of digital assets!

Your career has started! It’s time to earn some cryptocurrency from your favorite video games. What to expect: You’ll receive an email with step-by-step instructions to start playing and leveling up your gaming career.

We regret to inform you that the Play-to-earn model rewards Players with cryptocurrency and works with blockchain technology in some form. Transactions with Play tokens are on going. You can check our progress at We will notify you when we are ready to roll out the next phase.

Hi there! We’re excited to welcome you to the Play Games community. You have to play every day to maintain your ranking on the leaderboards and earn as much as you want. It’s time to get started!

I want to talk to you about how the gaming world has changed and the opportunity cash-based gaming sites like Play-to-earn (G2X) offer. Here’s a quick intro:

Welcome to Play Games & Earn Crypto – your source to earn Crypto, points and prizes!

Thank you for your interest in the Play Games stable of Play-to-earn titles. We hope to see you on the leaderboards because everybody starts at Rank 0 and you help to pave the way to Rank 1.

Anbwggp says :
I’m glad to see you’re familiar with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Play tokens. Our NFT-powered games are growing to quickly become the fastest-growing sector of the crypto economy.

Hi! I’m sending you this email because you’ve just asked for some Play-to-earn games. Here are the best Play-to-earn games for now. Let me know which ones you’re interested in, and I’ll send you more recommendations.

It was great meeting with you. I hope to chat with you soon about your generous contribution to our Play-TO-EARN model.

Thank you for applying to attend Play to Earn Game Festival powered by Play Games, the second edition of the first original business-to-consumer event in the metaverse. Here’s what you need to know about the event:

You’ve reached this email from at the email provided in the footer on We’re a Play-to-Earn company, helping gamers and developers network and earn revenue through their games, in the form of the Play token. If you want to learn about how to start with Play-to-Earn, find

Congrats and thanks for joining our list of the Top 10 Best NFT Games To Play & Earn CryptoCurrency In 2021. Your subscription payment will be processed shortly and you’ll be the first to know once a top 10 list of games has been released for the new year.

We recently enabled NFTs on our gira exchange, which means you can use these games to easily exchange goods and services. Let us know what you think of this new feature.

Thank you for joining the Play platform! We hope you enjoy your new account. To learn more about how Play works, please visit the Play website.

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It was fun meeting you, and we hope you had fun playing our best Play-to-earn games. We will close this email thread now and we hope to see you soon!

We are excited to announce our new list of the best, Blockchain games on the market. The payout rates are much higher than the ICO games that you’re currently playing. With Admit, you’re able to quickly make a few clicks and start earning coins. Start winning today. Go to to find out more.

Hey there! I’m glad you found your way to my blog. My name is Zoe, I’m a financial expert helping people make money online. I’d love to see if you’re interested in my 5 best NFT games to make you money. Just click the link below to check them out and hop on in.

Your list of NFT games that enable you to earn crypto by winning tournaments or selling your in-game NFTs was successfully processed. If you have any questions, please contact

Welcome Adnan, we’re glad you’re here! This email will give you a quick guide for how you can start earning with Play2Earn. To start earning, go to “Profile.Status” and fill in your personal details. Otherwise, check out the quick guide below.

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. One of our most recent newsletters, “5 Best NFT Games To Make You $$$ (Play To Earn) has been sent to your inbox. You can find our newsletters via the tab at the top of the screen.

Welcome to the The Play to Earn Game Festival powered by Play Games powered by Play Games powered by Play Games! This is the second edition of the first ever original business-to-consumer event in the metaverse!

A Play has just launched its first referral game! Confirm your participation with this email, and we’ll add you to the leaderboard where you can earn plenty of NFTs.

Thanks for visiting our site! Here are the best Play-to-earn games to choose from:

Congratulations on winning the Top 10 Play To Earn NFT Games In 2021. Winners for this giveaway were selected at random and will be contacted via email with instructions on how to claim their prize.

Hi, we’re excited to help you start with Play-to-earn and learn how to earn with play2earn.

We’re excited for you to join the Play to Earn revolution! We’re currently in beta, so if you’re interested in joining, just fill the form below.

Hi there! Within the first minutes of creating your Play-to-earn account, you might be confused as to how it works. Glad to see you signed-up. Take a breath and read through our “What is Play-to-Earn” blog.

Thank you for your interest in our rewards program. Your account has been created and has been credited with a free token. You can now play games and take part in our social challenges. As a token holder, you can keep up-to-date with crypto giveaways and events. The key to unlocking a better gaming experience starts here.

Ccmcwfye says :
Hi, it’s great to see you signed up for the Play2Earn Revolution and now you’re earning Dividends in any currency โ€“ we’re excited to be getting started with you! Your account was successfully created. You can now learn more about our goal and how we’re developing the Smart Chain and the Play2Earn Revolution website (

Congratulations on your new subscription! You will be the first to receive the latest in blockchain gaming news in your inbox. Read this email to learn more about Play to Earn Online Magazine.

Thanks for signing up for a FREE trial of Play-to-Earn. Look for a popup with a link to a short video about how to start earning with Play-to-Earn on the home page, or click the ‘Try it for FREE’ button. If you have any questions, please contact us at the email in the signature, or hit reply to this email.

4 Ways to Play & Earn on this New Metaverse NFT Game. A new revolutionary digital asset on the blockchain, known as NEBL. Want to get involved & earn some without buying any of them? Just log on to your existing Metaverse account and claim a new avatar, a FREE pair of sunglasses, some sports shoes and some stylish clothes. This is a sponsored communication from Metaverse.

Play Games to Earn Money

Before: I am a member of a few different cryptocurrency communities and I want to learn more about the one I should invest in.After: I can invest my spare change and learn more about crypto because play to earn offers discounts on crypto use.Bridge: Sign up now and see how much money you’ve earned..


An email from our Play to Earn agent.

That’s very cool! I just wanted to confirm that you’re using the Play2Earn token. You can check out our website to learn how to start using our gamification platform. If you have any additional questions, just send us a message at the email in the signature.

We all know how fun it is to win, but the prize isn’t always the most important thing. The Play to Earn Library launched recently and is built with NFT players in mind. Play these types of games for fun and to shop in our Store.

Your subscription is confirmed. We will send you an email with the latest issue of the magazine. Thank you for your interest in in the Play-to-earn ecosystem!

Thank you for choosing to Play to Earn. We hope you enjoy your time playing the game. This is your confirmation email.

We’ve got your NFT games to earn cryptocurrency! Get in quickly to learn more. Make sure not to miss out on the fun!

On this game, you’re making fantasy trade goods to sell to other players. We bought market-driven securities, tokenized the game economy, and created a game that is easy to learn, safe, and game-changing. Your virtual tabletop will take the pain out of creating tabletop adventures.

We’re excited to tell you about our upcoming Nft Games on the Platform to earn cryptocurrency. Please click here to see how to participate.

Congratulations on purchasing your ATHONETRON Crypto Tokens! You’ve made a great decision for yourself. Right now, you’re looking at you very own custom Chrome Extension that will earn you rewards every time you play games. What to expect: on the tab right on the top, you can find your dashboard where you can see what you’ve earned so far. When you’ve turned on this extension

Hi! Here’s a brief overview of how the game works. You will receive a voucher with your first Play, which will help you get started in your journey. Go to Menu to learn about your next stops. The rest is up to you!

Hi, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us once the funds have been credited into your account. More information about this new Gamifi feature can be found here:

Congratulations on signing up to be a part of the upcoming NFT Games! You are the first of many players to join this large, global competition. Once your registration closes, you will receive a message from us with a code. The purpose of this email is simply to give you a heads-up email to let you know you are being added to the list. Get ready for some profitable cryptography!

To celebrate the launch of our internationally connected Metaverse NFT game, we’ve sent some Play-to-Earn Baby Metafish to a few of our Fan OnStars that have been playing daily. Be on the lookout for a package in your mail box with a Baby Metafish. Have a great day!

Super appreciate your interest in trying our new game! Let’s get started playing on this virtual world for a chance to earn some tokens.

Success! We have sent you an email with your Game Play Token. Share your Game Play Token on your social media profile with the hashtag #PLAYGAMENCOINE for an opportunity to earn even more!

Would you like to learn more about Play-to-earn? Yes, please!

Your account has been created at If you need assistance, email our support team.

Hi, Benjamin, and welcome to the gaming ecosystem! We’re happy to announce that you’ve been invited to download the alpha version of NFT Collectibles. Our alpha begins with a one-week headstart, and the first mover advantage for those who join now. The more you play, the more prizes you earn, as well as the more you’ll be able to earn. For complete

We wanted to thank you for being a part of the Play Games ecosystem. Can you please send your detail resume to after you’ve had a chance to look through our job posting on the website and learn more about the job. We’ll reach out to you soon.

Thanks for playing your first game! You have been generously rewarded with 10,000,000 NANO tokens! In order to receive your earnings, please visit and follow the steps on the dedicated page for easy claim.

We believe playing games, like Minecraft, to earn tokens in a digital Avatar economy will be a path to a more profitable future for creators and consumers. We hope you’ll stay in touch with us on this journey.

Thank you for joining our Play game and joining the Play NFT Earning Games & Earn! Each time you reach your daily target, you earn points towards winning a prize. Our Play game ends on December 31st, so make sure you get on it as soon as possible and earn your way to a prize!

The future of gaming will be based on play-to-earn games that have their own metaverses with native cryptocurrencies.

Congrats on becoming the newest member of the #G2E family! You’ll get access to over 500,000 members of the gaming community that are passionate about blockchain and crypto. Join the community today and be a part of the greatest movement in gaming.

Thank you for visiting Play Games. You’ll be the first of many exclusive subscribers helping us build this exciting project. As a token of our gratitude, you’ll get our brand-new Play game Playing to earn: a game that’s truly hard to beat. See you soon!

Your Minecraft Minecraft account has been created and is currently being verified. You can now start playing Metavese, a unique new free-to-play MMO that will have you exploring a procedurally generated open-universe with 4 different ways for you to earn platinum, its virtual currency. Stay tuned for more news on this incredible new game.

We have something exciting planned for you this month. Join the queue to earn NFTG tokens with our newest games!

Congratulations for winning the Crypto Play to earn NFTs on Metaverse Revolution. We will send you a special gift about how to earn your NFTs.

You are invited to join our Play-to-Earn beta to compete with other players in a mix of world-building, adventure games involving remarkable discoveries, win-win scenarios, and upgrades for your character.

Thank you for signing up for the exciting new world of Play-to-Earn gaming. While this is definitely a new frontier, the rewards are definitely worth the effort. Make sure to visit our pre-sale tab to subscribe to GameFi, or put your trust in the blockchain for today’s top games. Here’s to the future.

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